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Working With Us

If you have a complex issue, please get in touch.

Cornwall Strategic specialise in working with you to make better decisions in complex situations. We study complexity theory and help you apply this to the real world. We don’t do ‘black box’ consulting, we work with you to co-create value.

Examples of complex problems we have worked on include:

  • Strategy: How do we develop a strategy that will allow us to be agile and resilient? – Steve also teaches this at the University of Auckland business school.
  • Health and Safety: Why do farmers hurt themselves at work, how can we reduce this? Why do some teams have lots of injuries and others have few? How do we stop people crashing motorcycles? How do we empower our staff to develop and maintain a positive safety culture?
  • Engagement: What is it really like to work here? What do your customers really think of us? How can we be more engaged at work?
  • Leadership: How do I create an agile and resilient team? How do I stimulate innovation?
  • Risk management: How do we identify the weak signals of emerging risk and opportunity? How do we move from a fail-safe environment to a safe-to-fail environment?
  • Culture: How do we improve our culture? How do we maintain the culture during a transformation?

For too long business people have relied on tools and techniques that are designed for a world where change was slow, and the future was knowable. This is no longer the case, things must change.


We will work with you to co create value by:

  • Providing authentic research techniques that allow real insight into complex situations
  • Show you how to make better decisions, so you will know what to do when you don’t know what to do!
  • Work with you to apply the tools and techniques of resilience and agility in your business.