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Survive and Thrive

Think Big, Act Small, Move Fast
A one week program to refocus your organisation and move forward with confidence

Covid-19 has shaken many organisations and has challenged their core business assumptions. Adopting a mode of operation that allows your organisation to explore the changing landscape, detect emerging opportunities, respond quickly, learn and create value. Our approach can be summarised as:

Think Big — Define or rethink our Shared understanding of Success
Act Small — Where are we right now? What can we do to move forward?
Move Fast — Make decisions quickly and execute. Empower your people to act quickly. Use rapid feedback loops to monitor the impact of your actions and change course or pivot as necessary.

This includes the following modules:

  • Detect-Respond-Exploit a methodology to create momentum and develop a set of pragmatic actions that your team can implement immediately.
  • Test and Learn — We will establish teams of three to rapidly deploy and test ideas in the market. We will provide guidance on how to empower these teams, how to amplify success and mitigate failure. Importantly, we will provide guidance on creating a learning organisation.
  • Project Prioritisation — Within a resource constrained and fast changing environment priorities can shift quickly. We will show you how to maintain flexibility while focusing on the mission critical activity.

One Page Plan
We will prepare a one page plan that can be used to guide your Survive and Thrive process and can be implemented immediately.

Start the program today by contacting Steve:


027 2743460