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Strategic Agility

Strategic Advantage:
An authentic, real time response to complex situations.

Traditional management techniques focus on planning and problem solving, often the tools we use are designed to create certainty and predictability. These approaches have limited utility in a world that is inherently uncertain and unpredictable – they are inauthentic.

Successful companies are those who can let go of rigid management practices and embrace complexity. Successful leaders are those who can empower, guide and influence a network of employees, customers and suppliers.

Cornwall Strategic can guide you in developing a fast and responsive organisation. We utilise the Cynefin framework for contextualisation and authentic decision making.

We offer

Board and Management training; Our courses are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and include:

  • Creating and Leading an Agile Organisation
  • Relationship management and business development
  • Persuasion and Influence
  • Creating and leading a resilient safety culture

Team development

Move form managing projects to empowering teams. Cornwall Strategic can provide advice.

  • Adopt a mode of operation that explores and innovates, fails fast and learns quickly.
  • Empower self-selected, self-directed teams to tackle complex issues or take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Harness creative friction for strategic advantage
  • Turn risk management form a compliance issues into a competitive strategic advantage
  • Encourage and utilise dissent and use creative friction to create a robust and resilient organisation