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The shortest distance between understanding peoples lived experience and acting to improve it.

Recent advances in cognitive psychology have given us insight into how people remember and relate their experiences to others. Peoples perception of you, your organisation and your services is a complex relationship of emotions, expectations, experiences combined with the vicarious experiences if others. People express these through anecdotes and stories.

Traditional methods of understanding these experiences such as surveys and focus groups are a poor response to understanding complex issues. Most people hate surveys. Many analytical approaches aggregate information in a way that ignores the outliers and focuses attention on the median.

Luckily, Cornwall Strategic has teamed up with Cognitive Edge to bring you SenseMaker. SenseMaker is a way of capturing naturally occurring narrative in a way that is statistically valid but not subject to analysis or interpretation, we don’t use filters or word searches to impose meaning on the data, we allow you the client to see naturally occurring patterns and provide advice on how to amplify patterns that are positive and dampen patterns that are negative.

This is the shortest distance between understanding peoples lived experience and acting to improve it.

Cornwall Strategic has developed several standardised SenseMaker products, these are:

1. Engage

A way to capture your team’s experiences at work, and act to improve them. Engage provides continuous narrative sampling, as opposed to periodic snapshots that are always out of date. This method offers far more utility than traditional engagement surveys.

2. Time and Money

A way to identify resource inefficacy and wastage. Unlike analytical methods Time and Money allows you to move quickly form identifying inefficacy to improving the situation. Time and Money, allows you to quickly identify the unintended consequences of change. Time and Money is designed to fit with agile and lean projects.

3. SafetyScan

A way to capture the narrative around safety in real time. This will enable the management team to identify the weak signals of emerging risk. It will allow those taking risks to quickly identify and resolve issues at the operational level and will allow senior managers and board members to have an unfiltered view of operational safety.

SafetyScan is like an immune system for your organisation.