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Strategic Advantage:
Continuous real time scanning.

Periodic surveys are rapidly losing their effectiveness and utility. Cornwall Strategic use research methods that allow meaning and value to be reported in real time and puts decision makers directly in touch with the information they need to be agile and responsive.

Data driven, and analytical techniques can answer questions of fact but cannot address deeper issues of value and meaning. We combine empirical methods and narrative research to give you statistically validated meaning.

Constantly changing dynamic systems cannot be well understood through periodic sampling, things move too quickly, and we can miss the weak signals of change. Move from periodic sampling to continuous monitoring.

Our team includes experts in ethnographical research, we can design a research a consultation program that provides the information you need to achieve strategic agility and organisational resilience. We have a strong relationship with Cognitive Edge who are leaders in complexity management and narrative research. See our SenseMakerĀ® page for more detail.