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About Us

The Team

We have embraced the concept if a network organisation. Our network provides specialisation and focus without the constraints and costs associated with large consultancies. This allows us to provide a truly trans-disciplinary approach to tackling intractable problems in a VUCA (volatile, unstable, complex, ambiguous) world.

Our NZ team includes specialists in strategy, management and governance, organisational development, research and data science. We also have cartoonists and graphic designers. Importantly, our model allows us to be agile and resilient, the concepts that our business is built upon.

We maintain a base in Auckland but regularly manage projects across the globally. This allows our team to gain experience and insight in a broad range of projects and business cultures.

We will build project teams form network members to ensure that our projects have the right resources and people involved. The network model also allows us to manage the overhead costs of our business so that you have a specialised team at a competitive price.

We often partner with other organisations to provide specialist assistance to deliver complex projects.

The NZ based team are:


Steven McCrone

Steve’s experience in bomb disposal in the New Zealand Army gave him a good understanding and a deep appreciation for leadership and decision making under conditions of stress and uncertainty.

Recognising that traditional management theory is of limited use in fast changing and highly complex environments, Steve has dedicated his career to seeking out and developing solutions for this issue. He has continued to build on his understanding of complexity theory, Cynefin and its application to real world problems. He was able to ground his theoretical knowledge through strategy development with construction companies in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes. Since then he has worked with many of New Zealand and Australia’s large corporations and government organisations.

Steve also teaches ‘complexity management’ at the University of Auckland business school.


Graham Roberts

Graham is an experienced international business leader, having held senior roles in multinational corporations and publicly listed companies in Europe, Asia / Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Graham has extensive knowledge of the logistics, supply chain and transportation industry and has having worked for DHLExpress & TNT Express over a period of 25 years. More recently he was CEO of Turners Auctions in New Zealand.

Currently Graham is a Director of several New Zealand and international companies, and also provides Management Consulting services based on his broad career experience. He is also an investor in new business start-ups as a member of the Ice Angels.


Paul Sullivan

Paul has experience in strategy development, facilitation, and business development.  Paul has worked in the private, state sector, and not-for-profit sectors, and currently sits on the boards of sev

eral social services organisations. He has extensive experience working with membership and stakeholder-based organisations.


Cornwall Strategic are the New Zealand partners of the Cognitive Edge global network.

Founded by Dave Snowden, (creator of the Cynefin framework), Cognitive Edge is at the leading edge of developing approaches that allow organisations to absorb uncertainty, create resilience and detect weak signals which more conventional approaches would ignore. Cognitive Edge is driving the development of an ecological metaphor to underpin management theory to compliment the engineering approach which has dominated thinking for several decades.