Workshop on Achieving Agility - Auckland July 1st. Presented by Dave Snowden

Most organisations use terms like 'agility', 'resilience', and 'innovation', very few have the skills or wherewithal to make these ideas real.We invite you to participate in making the change actually happen.

Business schools and organisations equip leaders to operate in ordered systems. This means that most leaders end up relying on their natural capabilities when operating in complex and uncertain situations. This might work for a while; but simply having intuition, intellect and charisma is no longer good enough to weather the storm.

Dave Snowden, founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge will be in New Zealand from June 29 to July 2 as a guest of Cornwall Strategic.  Dave's work on SenseMaking and strategic decision making has been used in many UN projects, by the US military for battlefield decision making, and by large US multinationals including.

Dave is world renowned as a speaker, author and consultant on complex issues relating to strategy and organisational decision making. His work puts him at the forefront of a changing paradigm in management. In his words:

"We are creating a dependency on recipe books, but we're losing our chefs. There is a near absence of learning from the natural sciences and organisational management, but pseudoscience and techno-fetishism are all too pervasive. Systems thinking has reached its effective limits. We are starting to see a radical shift to complexity theory informed by cognitive science."

We are arranging an exclusive workshop for agile leaders in Auckland. Dave will explore cognitive complexity through the lens of organisational agility.

Price $500 + GST

Location: The Northern Club

Time 08:30 - 4:00 pm

If you are interested in participating in this Cognitive Complexity Workshop, please contact:

Steve McCrone

Cornwall Strategic

09 5509010

027 2743460