We have been thinking about safety culture...

We have been doing some work in the area of workplace Health and Safety. We have been focusing on culture.

You will be aware that the legislative environment is changing in respect to Health and Safety, most of you will have sought advice on how best to meet the more stringent health and safety compliance and governance requirements.

It is clear to us the strict liability legislative framework is at odds with the need to develop a no-blame, no-fault or even-handed culture model

Cornwall Strategic has been looking at ways to improve health and safety culture. We have been working with Cognitive Edge to bring you a new training course that brings together resilience thinking and complexity theory to offer a unique and practical approach to shifting safety culture in organisations. The course will challenge your view of health and safety in the workplace; will provide you with a deeper understanding of how culture affects performance and will show you some pragmatic steps in building resilience in your organisation.

Training course: Creating and Leading a Resilient Safety Culture

Auckland 26-27 June

Auckland 30 June 1 July - SOLD OUT

It is described in more detail here: http://cognitive-edge.com/blog/entry/6263/complexity-resilience-and-safety-culture/

You can book the course here: http://cognitive-edge.com/education/events/6222/creating-and-leading-a-resilient-safety-culture-auckland/

Feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss this in more detail.