This year I have incurred $927 in parking tickets.

This represents 35 parking infringements averaging $26.49 per ticket, or $77.25 per month. On the face of it this looks like evidence of poor planning but in reality this is my response to a common problem. I summary:

I don't pay for parking. I do pay parking fines.

Imagine if I could offer you a token that would allow you to park on any street car park for any amount of time whenever you wanted to. This token would cost $927 per annum. Compared to lease car park that costs $1700 to $3000 per annum that is a bargain.

Of course this situation is a version of the tragedy of the commons in that if everyone took the same approach no-one would be able to find a park. It works in Parnell where most street parking is short term, but may not work so well in other suburbs.

I also like the idea that my $927 is going to the council, who spend it on amenities that I use rather than some dodgy parking company.

I have some other strategies for avoiding parking tickets but I'd rather not tell you what they are.